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Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis in South Corfu for waste problem

South Corfu
04 Jan 2024 / 18:19

"This is a first example of cooperation between the two levels of local government," he said.

The Ionian Islands Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis accompanied by the North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris visited South Corfu on Thursday morning, where a great effort is underway to remove the rubbish piles that had flooded the area - an clean-up operation, which is based on the cooperation of the three municipalities of the island and coordinated by the Region.

The South Corfu Mayor Vassilis Himariotis welcomed the Ionian Islands Regional Governor and the North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris, as well as councillors of the South, Central and North Corfu Municipalities who are in the front line along with the workers of the three municipalities, but also private individuals, who were recruited to give an end to the nightmare of waste that flooded the area as soon as possible.

The Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis stated the following amongst other things:

"This is a first example of cooperation between the two levels of local government.

What we said we would do, we did. The cooperation is founded, it will continue, it will be permanent, the door of the Regional Governor and the Mayors will be open to form a broad cooperation with the citizens, in order to solve the problems that concern them and the problems that concern us.

We are here today as we committed to help the Mayor and the citizens of South Corfu who have been suffering for quite some time. We are supporting this effort because it is an issue of concern to our island. It is not acceptable to damage the environment, this image with the waste is discrediting us, and of course the quality of life of the South Corfu residents is degraded.

So for us, for all local government officials, it is our duty to be here and, we should of course thank the workers who are making enormous efforts. Involved in this effort from the very first moment were the Central Corfu Mayor Mr. Stefanos Poulimenos and the North Corfu Mayor Mr. Giorgos Mahimaris and I personally where the institution allows me, as well as the Deputy Mayors, Mrs. Kokkali, Mr. Skembris and Mr. Spyros Neratzis, who has experience.

I believe that we will overcome this problem soon and we will all work together to plan and work on how to develop our island and not just solve problems."


Photo: Ionian Islands Region