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Mayor Meropi Ydraiou: "Today I can look you straight in the eye"

Meropi Ydraiou
12 Sep 2023 / 12:26

CORFU. Mayor Meropi Ydraiou gave a report on her work and pledges in a speech at the People΄s Garden, where the candidates were presented in the final stretch ahead of the upcoming municipal elections.

Yesterday, the 350 candidates of Meropi Ydraiou's party were presented at the pre-election event held by the Central Corfu Mayor in the packed People's Garden.

Presenting her vision for Corfu in 2028, Meropi Ydraiou is seeking the renewal of the trust of the citizens of Central Corfu.

She showcased the work of the municipal authority up to now and pledged that this work would continue for the "Corfu of our dreams, which we must pass on to our children".

In her opening remarks, she addressed the massive devastation of flood-stricken areas, emphasising that all of us must offer assistance to our fellow citizens who saw their lives devastated.

"We have done work, and we will continue."

"Four years ago, we made a promise, and today I can look you in the eye," she said, taking stock of her tenure and the work she has contributed, "building a municipality literally from scratch, with insurmountable problems, with significant and consecutive crises.

"We are here to refute the Cassandras of misery and envy. And we will always refute them and always put into practice what others say cannot be done."

Addressing the specific issue of waste management, Meropi Ydraiou pointed out that the transport of waste had been carried out exactly as promised, without any increase in sanitation fees.


In her review, she also mentioned that over these four years, projects with a total budget of 17.1 million Euros were implemented in Corfu Town, and projects worth 5.5 million Euros in the municipal districts and villages of the Central Corfu Municipality.

"We will continue like this until we make our municipality more beautiful, brighter and more humane," pledged the Mayor.

Among others, the speech was attended by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa, and deputy regional governors, as well as current and prospective municipal councillors, along with many others.

It is worth noting that Sakis Kostas was constantly by her side, whose candidacy was rejected by the Court of First Instance as having been registered after the deadline. However, Meropi Ydraiou assigned him responsibilities as a coordinator for meetings with institutional and other bodies, tours and activities that the party will carry out during the pre-election campaign.

Also, with the start of the new municipal authority's term, Kostas Sakis will serve as an unpaid advisor to the Mayor for the smooth operation of businesses and relations between professionals and the Municipality.