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First official meeting between Meropi Ydraiou and newly-elected Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos

Meropi Ydraiou
31 Oct 2023 / 15:35

CORFU. The outgoing Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou updated the newly-elected Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos on all the main issues in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

The outgoing Mayor of Central Corfu, Meropi Ydraiou, and the newly- elected Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos had their first official meeting today following the municipal elections.

The two municipal parties and administrative officials met at Maraslio Town Hall for a two-hour meeting to discuss comprehensive updates for the smooth transition to the new term starting on January 1, 2024.

The major issue of waste disposal occupied a significant part of the discussion, with both parties agreeing on the proper extension of the contract to cover the physical and economic obectives required, in accordance with the unanimous decision of the Municipal Council.


In statements after the meeting, Meropi Ydraiou said, "We wish the new municipal authority strength and a productive term for the benefit of our community and fellow citizens.

As you can understand, the discussion revolved around the pressing issue of waste management, collection and recycling. We provided updates regarding the municipality's fleet of machinery and vehicles, which has been significantly expanded, and we have enhanced the municipality's services. These assets remain available for the new municipal authority to use for the benefit of the citizens and the purpose for which they were acquired.

We also provided information about the waste transportation contract, which has been secured. My colleagues and I have taken all the necessary initial steps to ensure smooth transportation, continuing without interruption, into 2024.


Waste collection

Regarding the current waste collection contract, we will be managing it until December 31. Beyond that point, the new municipal authority will take over for as long as the physical and economic objectives are met.

Regarding the new contract, for which, as I have mentioned, there have been repeated appeals, it would be contrary to our principles and improper to bind the new municipal authority with a new contract. I believe it is much more logical and politically sound for the municipal authority to determine the terms and conditions, conduct a study, and the plan for waste collection.

We also provided information about the personnel in the sanitation and recycling department, as well as the overall direction of operational work and recycling matters. We discussed equipment and various contracts that have been signed and ongoing projects, such as the large and small recycling centres. The issue is extensive and concerns the health of our residents, our natural environment, and our cultural environment. One meeting cannot cover all the necessary information. We remain at the disposal of the new municipal authority."

Stefanos Poulimenos: "Smooth transition"

In turn, the newly-elected Mayor stated, "Today, we had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor and her team regarding the significant issue of waste management. It was made clear in all its dimensions that everything will evolve smoothly during the transitional period, and there will be no risk of the island being left without waste collection. We agreed that the current contract will continue into the next period until the natural and economic objectives are exhausted, as stipulated in the unanimous decision of the municipal council in May 2023.

As you know, one of our top priorities is the need to reduce the volume of waste through sorting at source. We are delighted that, based on the information provided by the responsible deputy mayor and the mayor, we will have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, which will make the work ahead of us much more manageable.

This equipment is of significant value, originating from decisions made in the past, and it was completed and implemented during the current municipal period. We will have the pleasure of having it at our disposal. We remind you that it comes from three programmes: ESPA, Filodimos and a leasing agreement, and we will repay in the coming years the obligations that exist.



Sorting at source crucial

We will have this equipment, which includes waste collection trucks and auxiliary machinery, and we will operate in a way that, I hope, will be effective for the significant and crucial issue of sorting at source. This process holds great value and importance.

Its value is threefold: environmental, cultural and economic.

Our first goal is to relieve the municipality of the burdensome task of waste transportation. Secondly, it will change the relationship of the citizens and give them the sense of a different image that Corfu should radiate in the consciousness of the citizens.

I want to thank the Mayor and the administrative officials for the detailed information they provided and for being at our disposal."