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The three newly-elected Corfu Mayors to cooperate to deal with important issues

03 Nov 2023 / 19:44

CORFU. Extension to current inter-municipal organisations, waste management and strengthening of road safety on the island.

The three newly-elected Mayors of Central, North and South Corfu, Stefanos Poulimenos, Giorgos Mahimaris and Vassilis Himariotis agreed to give a six-month extension to the operation of the two intermunicipal organisations for welfare and culture & sports, as well as DIADEYADK.

The three Mayors, who met on Thursday 2 November at Mr. Poulimenos' office in Kinopiastes, gave the "green light" for the three Municipal Councils to take the relevant decision in their current form, as this must be done before the end of the term of the current municipal period.

Then, in the first half of the year, the three new Municipal Authorities will decide whether to continue their participation and cooperation or they will go their separate ways.


Cooperation for waste management

The three Mayors of the island have also decided to join forces in the big issue of waste management, adopting a common Cleaning Regulation, common practices for sorting at source and collection of waste, as part of a wider circular economy.

They also agreed to create an Observatory to record and publish data on the progress of the overall and individual management of solid waste on the island.

They discussed the need for the rapid establishment of a Biological Waste Treatment Plant to drastically reduce the amount of waste, alongside the sorting at source of recyclable materials.

Finally, they decided to work with the Ionian Islands Regional Authority with the new Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis, to enhance safety on the island's road network, which will include clean-up of wild vegetation and tree branches along the roads, clean-up of kerbside, drains, bridges and storm drain pipes, as well as road markings, signs, information signs and lighting.


Photo: Stefanos Poulimenos