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Meropi Ydraiou holds meeting about hospital behind closed doors

Meropi Ydraiou
10 Jan 2023 / 11:19

CORFU. The Mayor΄s proposals in her opening address.

A meeting called by Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou to discuss the serious problems at Corfu Hospital began just after 10:30 this morning.

In her opening address Ms. Ydraiou put forward her proposals to help make the hospital more attractive for doctors from the other parts of the country to come and work here.

The proposals, which will be sent to the Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister are as follows:

- Salary incentive with increased remuneration.
- Tax incentives for those working on islands and less accessible regions with reductions in income tax.
- Experience points incentive with extra points being given to help doctors in their career progress in the National Health System.
- Accommodation assistance. Provision of municipal property for doctors' accommodation.

Attendees and absentees

The following were present at the meeting: Corfu MPs Alekos Avlonitis (SYRIZA) and Dimitris Biangis (PASOK-KINAL); Deputy Regional Governors Zorbas and Andrioti; Deputy Director of the hospital board Kalaitzoglou; Municipal Councillors Dri and Borbotis; Polizos and Argitis from the Union of National Health System Doctors; Mediacal Association member Balanikas. The South Corfu Mayor Kostas Lessis is expected to attend and the North Corfu Mayor will be represented by someone from the municipality as Giorgos Mahimaris is taking part in the Financial Committee.

The following were absent: the leaders of Prota I Kerkyra (Giorgos Kaloudis), Kerkyraiki Symmahia (Giorgos Karydis and Kerkyra Psilla (Spyros Neratzis.

Following Ms. Ydraiou's opening address members of the media were asked to leave.