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ND election candidates and other officials casually sitting at tables placed on the Liston public pedestrian area

21 Aug 2023 / 12:24

CORFU. Even politicians accepting the illegal occupation of public space with tables and chairs.

At a time when there is public outcry over the uncontrolled occupation of public spaces with tables and chairs, which have even reached beyond the arched colonnade of Listón, local political figures and candidates from Rodi Kratsa's faction have no problem being photographed at tables placed on the public pedestrian area.

Even if they, themselves are not part of the enforcement authority, when public figures engaged in civic matters and politics show tolerance towards illegality, it creates a poor impression and 'legitimises' arbitrary activities – especially as the local elections draw near.

*The photos are from a public post by Marilena Mástora, a candidate for regional councillor with Rodē Kratsa. The president of the local Nea Dimokratia (ND) party, Spyros Pantelios, is also at the same table.