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Business owners in agreement with Municipality about upcoming religious events

tables and chairs
22 Apr 2024 / 14:29

CORFU. Meeting at Marasleio Town Hall for tables and chairs and playing of music - Business representatives criticised their colleagues who do not comply.

Corfu Catering Association is in full compliance with the municipal authority regarding the removal of tables and chairs from the pavement during religious, national, and local festivals, as reflected in a relevant decision of the Municipal Committee.

In anticipation of the upcoming Easter period, members of the Board of Directors of the Association met on Monday morning at Marasleio Town Hall with Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos and the responsible Deputy Mayor Konstantinos Vousolinos. The professionals stated that they agree with the measures (hours, days, streets) decided by the Municipal Committee, which will be introduced tomorrow for approval by the Municipal Council.

Regarding the playing of music, there was a spirit of understanding among the professionals to be in harmony with the atmosphere of the days and to keep the volume low from Thursday afternoon until the first Resurrection.

They themselves raised this issue at the meeting, expressing their willingness to provide the police with decibel metres at their own expense and to install noise limiters in the shops.

Furthermore, they criticised the fact that some of their colleagues do not comply, noting that if they do not change their behaviour after the initial warning, they will be removed from the Catering Association, while also publicly disclosing their details.