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After two and a half months lessons resume at Erikoussa Primary School

28 Feb 2023 / 11:17

CORFU. A supply teacher has now been taken on at the school.

After a period of about two and a half months the three pupils at Erikoussa Primary School have begun lessons again. The lack of a teacher has finally been resolved with a supply teacher and a new permanent teacher is expected to start by the end of the week.

There have been no lessons since mid-December, when the teacher requested a few days sick leave. The school, however, didn't reopen after the Christmas holidays due to the long-term extension of the teacher's sick leave resulting in the pupils not having any lessons up to now.

On 23 December 2022 supply teachers were recruited to begin on 10 January but one wasn't requested for Erikoussa as it wasn't considered to be a vacant position. Finally, after two months, with the announcement of further supply teachers one was provided for Erikoussa Primary School.