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Erikoussa without doctor for over three months

06 Feb 2023 / 12:36

CORFU. The position has been vacant since the armed forces doctor completed his term of service.

Corfu PASOK KINAL MP Dimitris Biangis has requested the intervention of the Minister of Health with regard to the absence of a doctor on the island of Erikoussa. He first brought up the matter in November 2022 but as yet a replacement has not been appointed - and at a time with adverse weather conditions.

The letter to the Minister from Dimitris Biangis:

Honourable Minister,

Since 26 October, 2022 and for over three months the border island of Erikoussa has been without a doctor since the previous doctor completed his term of service and left the island.

During this critical period of time when geostrategic and national matters are a matter of priority for us, one of the border Diapontia islands at the most northwestern part of the country remains without medical care in the middle of winter.

On 22 November, 2022 I asked a question of the Ministries of Health and Defence pointing out the seriousness of the matter and the delay in making an appointment, leaving Erikoussa residents to their fate.

Bearing in mind that the island has already been three months without a doctor and more time will pass until the new appointment is finalised, I deem it absolutely necessary that an alternative solution be found in order to cover the vacancy over this critical period of time with access to the island often being extremely difficult due to weather conditions.

Honourable Minister,

The need for the Islands Clause provided for in Article 101 of the Constitution to be implemented means that we must take action now when the need has been identified in the country's most westerly island of Erkoussa.

Bearing in mind the aforementioned and the sensitivity the Marine and Island Policy Ministry needs to have for our small islands, I request that you take the necessary initiative to immediately cover the need of the island Erikoussa for as long as may be required, either by transferring a Health Ministry doctor from elsewhere or by requesting the assistance of the Ministry of National Defence.

Dimitris Biangis
Party representative for Marine and Island Policy