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Meropi Ydraiou visits Corfu Elderly Day Care Centre

Elderly Day Care Centre
02 Feb 2023 / 21:48

CORFU. The Centre currently serves 16 beneficiaries.

The Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou visited today the Elderly Day Care Centre in Alykes, Potamos.
She had the opportunity to talk with the employees and the elderly beneficiaries who spend their hours at the Centre creatively.
"I am happy to see you are having a good time like you are a family and enjoying the warmth and care you deserve. We will continue to be by your side and I will visit you often," she said.
It is worth noting that the Elderly Day Care Centre currently serves 16 beneficiaries.
The Centre is open from 7:30 to 15:30 and is a day care facility for elderly people who cannot look after themselves completely and whose relatives work or are unable to take care of them.
The Centre provides the following:
- Transportation to the centre, where people can stay for as long as they want until it closes
- Primary health care
- Personal hygiene
- Food
- Creative activities and entertainment
- Resting areas     
The Centre’s opening ceremony took place last June. For more information, those interested can contact Mrs. Vourgidi (26610 47534).