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Driver and two motorcyclists arrested for road races in Gouvia

traffic police
04 Oct 2021 / 14:11

CORFU. Traffic police came down heavily on 7 drivers and motorcyclists early on Sunday morning - Total of 34 offences.

Three people were arrested early on Sunday morning by police who were carrying out checks.

The checks were carried out on Eth. Paleokastritsa Rd. in Gouvia and led to one driver and two motorcyclists being arrested for dangerous driving and taking part in road races.

The three people committed a total of 28 offences between them including lack of driving licence, no silencer on the exhaust, no proper MOT and illegal U-turns.

Another four motorcyclists were found to have committed 6 offences between them including no silencer, no driving licence, no proper MOT and no number plates.

One car and two motorbikes were seized and another two motorbikes immobilised.

Driving licences were taken from those involved and fines totalling €4,550 imposed.

The three arrested were taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor and checks are continuing in other parts of the island.