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Covid-19 tests at Care Home and on public employees at Old Town Hall

03 Nov 2020 / 16:35

CORFU. Tests carried out by Central Corfu &Diapontia Islands Municipality in collaboration with EODY.

A team from EODY conducted Covid tests on public employees at the Old San Giacomo Town Hall today, 3 November. This will continue until all the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal employees have been tested.

EODY also carried out tests at Corfu Care Home for the elderly, which will be repeated every two weeks.

The tests are part of the measures being taken by the Municipality and EODY for the protection of Municipal employees.

There was also a coordination meeting on Monday 2 November chaired by the Mayor with Deputy Mayor Giorgos Pantelios, Municipal General Secretary Poulis, the Municipal Medical Officer, the COVID-19 administrative coordinator and representatives from other services involved.

The purpose of the meeting was to examine the current situation and measures that have been taken as well as the sufficiency of health & medical supplies.

It was decided to obtain enough health supplies to cover the needs of Municipal employees for several months and the plan was set out for administrative operations in line with current measures and any that may be added in the future.

On examining the protocols for dealing with cases and the general situation it was found that they were at a satisfactory level as was the general state of readiness.

It was underlined that the administration will continue to do everything possible to protect the lives and health of municipal employees and the public in line with the guidelines from the central authorities.