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Corfu Hospital Infectious Diseases Unit full with Covid patients

07 Dec 2022 / 10:35

CORFU. Epidemiologist Yiannis Alamanos says the pandemic is completely under control in Corfu.

The Special Infectious Diseases Unit at Corfu Hospital has reached its limit with the number of Covid patients needing hospitalisation increasing over the last ten days or so. The virus has also spread in the Pathology Clinic and its 10 or so patients remain hospitalised there as the Infectious Diseases Unit is full.

According to hospital sources, the number of hospitalisations has increased significantly recently compared to the previous single-digit figures. Yesterday all 13 beds in the Unit were full, mostly with elderly patients, and in several cases the period of hospitalisation has increased to 8-10 days compared to the previous 5-6 days.

Visitors are not allowed in the Pathology Clinic due to the spread of the virus there and patients remain hospitalised there due to the unavailability of beds in the Infectious Diseases Unit.


According to EODY's weekly report yesterday for 28 November to 4 December, there were 259 new cases in Corfu - an improvement on the previous weeks with 286 in the week 21-27 November and 402 between 14 and 20 November.

Pandemic is under control

Epidemiologist Yiannis Alamanos told Enimerosi that the pandemic is completely under control in Corfu at the moment compared to the same period last year.

"Up to now, although we have cases and the infection is still spreading, there are no serious cases and deaths are very rare," he said. "There are hospitalisations but they are for very short periods of time. We don't know if this will continue over the winter period, however."

Not many getting the fourth shot

He said that, although people in Corfu got the third vaccination shot, including those at high risk, this is not the case with the fourth shot. According to the platform, a total of 68,249 people in Corfu have had the booster shot (+ 414 in the week 24/11-1/12).

Antiviral drugs

Even now there are still some patients who need to be given antiviral drugs. "There are several patients who need to be given antiviral drugs as we still have some serious cases, who are mostly elderly," said Dr. Fivos Kakavitsas.