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Voluntary clean-up in Kotsela

10 Nov 2023 / 10:55

CORFU. A voluntary clean-up is being organised in Kotsela in Corfu Town by the local cultural society in collaboration with the 13th Primary School Parents and Guardians Association.

In an effort to set a good example in keeping our neighbourhoods clean, residents and pupils in the Kotsela area, are organising a voluntary clean-up on Sunday, November 12.

The initiative is being taken by the Kotsela 'Agios Spyridonas' Cultural and Educational Society, which, in collaboration with the 13th Primary School Parents and Guardians Association, will clean up the streets Miltiadis Margaritis, Aim. Ilias Politis and adjacent side streets.

Residents, pupils and parents will grab brooms and rubbish bags, aiming through this symbolic gesture to raise awareness among neighbours and local shopkeepers operating in the area in keeping neighborhoods clean and without litter.

"This is a symbolic initiative aiming to raise awareness in the community as much as possible on this issue, so that they take care to keep their areas clean, either in front of their shops or their homes. We are not replacing the municipality - we want to send out a message," Pitsa Gika, the President of the Cultural Society, told Enimerosi.


Clean-ups to be repeated

The clean-up will take place from 10:00 until 12:00. However, if there is rain, it will be postponed to the next Sunday. The meeting point is in front of the 13th kindergarten. Participants should bring brooms, dust pans and gloves, while the Society will provide waste bags. The pre-requisite, however, is everyone's enthusiasm! The initiative is taking place for the first time, but the Society intends to repeat it in collaboration with the Parents and Guardians Associations of the other two schools in the area, the 7th and the 9th, in order to expand to other streets.

Permanent Street Cleaners

According to the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services, Yiannis Seremetis, the streets M. Margariti and Aim. Ilias Politis are covered by two permanent street cleaners following requests received by the Service.

However, the message that the organisers want to convey is that as citizens, they take on their share of responsibility and expect the local government to do the same.