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"Tourism, Carrying Capacity and Local Communities" - San Giacomo Cultural Association event

San Giacomo Cultural Association
22 Sep 2023 / 18:18

CORFU. On Wednesday 27 September at 18:00 in the Ionian University History Department Amphitheatre - Co-organised with the Athens Plaka Residents Committee.

The San Giacomo Cultural Association and the Athens Plaka Residents Committee are organising an event to promote public discussion on the particularly important and extremely interesting topic of "Tourism, Carrying Capacity and Local Communities".

The common issues that concern the two historical centres, Plaka in Athens and Corfu Old Town, are linked, as is well known, to their continuing over-exposure to mass tourism. This causes imbalances and multiple dysfunctions in their urban areas, essentially eliminating vital public space, degrading their cultural value, but also shrinking and altering their social and economic fabric.

The study, implementation and continuous monitoring of the carrying capacity, as a scientific tool for assessing and planning a sustainable tourism policy, is more urgent than ever and therefore necessary. A well-designed policy can prevent and correct the negative effects on local communities and the urban and natural environment of the areas that cause overtourism.



Eleni Maestrou - Emeritus Professor, National Technical University of Athens

Giorgos Zafiriou - President, Athens Plaka Residents Committee

Kostas Tsoumanis - Ph.D. Tourism Economics

Nikos Triantos - San Giacomo Cultural Association / Electrical Engineer M.Eng

Stathis Kalivas - Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Oxford University (online presentation)

Giorgos Lialios - Journalist (online presentation)

Marco Gasparinetti - Municipal Councillor, Venice / Lawyer (online presentation)


Wednesday 27 September


Ionian University History Department Amphitheatre,

Ioannou Theotoki 72.