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Outstanding issues regarding operation of Vidos summer camp

05 Apr 2023 / 21:10

CORFU. The contractor will begin repair work again after Easter.

The summer season is approaching, but there are still outstanding issues regarding the operation of the summer camp in Vidos, which has not operated since 2017. Although it is generally believed that it will not open this year either, the Central Corfu Municipality is assuring that there is a will to complete the remaining work to start operating again.
According to the municipal councillor responsible for Vidos Vassilis Melidis, the contractor will begin repair work again after Easter. As he said, the budget needs to be reformed in order for the biological treatment to be included, as it is a basic prerequisite for the summer camp to receive the long-awaited licence.
"The facilities will be ready to welcome the campers. 90% of the work has been completed and the rest will be carried out after Easter. The toilets are almost completed, the roof in the kitchen has been repaired and after many years we have a fire safety certificate," Mr. Melidis told Enimerosi.
No interest was shown
However, as he said, the big problem that the camp faced last year and failed to open for yet another year, was that there was no interest shown by doctors and nurses - positions that are necessary for the operation of the summer camp. "Unless the safety of the children is ensured, in accordance with the law, the summer camp cannot operate. The municipal authority does not intend to put the children's lives at risk," he said.
Expected to operate
According to the Deputy Mayor for Finance Giorgos Pantelios, it is expected that the summer camp will operate this year. "In previous years there was a problem with licensing, then the pandemic came and the summer camp did not open. However, the money has been included in the budget to make it happen," he said.
Despite the officials' assurances that the Vidos summer camp has been included in the 2023 budget, according to the former municipal councillor responsible for Vidos Spyros Neratzis this does not result from the preparation of the budget. As he pointed out, the budget includes operating costs of soup kitchens, catering services (funding from Ministry of Employment) and hiring of temporary staff only for the Gouvia 'Stamatis Desyllas' summer camp.
"The hiring of staff and catering services for the Vidos summer camp have not been included in the 2023 budget. The budget can be amended for hiring staff, but it will have to be made attractive to applicants, i.e. there should be a reasonable period of employment (from June to September) in order for someone to express interest. The big problem, however, is the transportation as the lessee of the municipal boat has filed a request to end the contract. A solution must be found for the transportation," said Mr. Neratzis.
The situation that has been created in Vidos was recently discussed at the 'Friends of Vidos' Association's meeting. It is worth noting that the restaurant leased by Ikos Dassia, the summer camps for scouts and guides, as well as the programme of creative activities are operating on Vidos.
The municipal summer camp was particularly embraced by the young campers who were present every year.