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"Capodistrias" production company seeking accommodation for crew during filming in Corfu

10 Jan 2023 / 15:53

CORFU. The Regional Authority Film Office dooesn΄t have the budget - Interest from businesses being sought for accommodation, catering and transport.

The "Capodistrias" film production company is looking into private sponsorship to cover the needs of its 100-member crew whilst it is in Corfu. Support and accommodation is proving to be a demanding endeavour as, despite all that has been said by the local authority about the promotion of Corfu as a filming location, there are no funds to support it.

The well-known director Yiannis Smaragdis arrived in Corfu yesterday and told Enimerosi that he will be staying here until Thursday together with the President of the Corfiot Awards Dimitris Mouzakitis in order to take care of practical matters related to shooting here in May for the much-awaited film.

The production company has had to face serious problems - the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which led to the cancelling of filming in Saint Petersburg. In addition to these, in a recent television interview the director referred to opposition from certain sources who don't want the film to go ahead and to limited funding.

The company has been in contact with Corfu, the home of Capodistrias, for two years now. Following in the historical footsteps of the first Governor of Modern Greece in addition to Corfu filming will take place in Nafplion, Hydra, and Mani and abroad.

Yiannis Smaragdis met with the President of Corfu Hoteliers Association Babis Voulgaris yesterday to look into the possibility of the accommodation of the production crew being sponsored by Corfu hotel companies and today, Wednesday, he has a meeting with Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa.

Giorgos Kaloudis: "Where is the support they promised?"

There have been strong reactions following the director's statement on Nea Kriti TV that he has faced a lot of opposition to the production of the film about Capodistrias.

Giorgos Kaloudis, leader of the Prota I Kerkyra party, has criticised Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa, Mayor Meropi Ydraiou and Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas, demanding that they provide the funding that they promised.

"The members of the government ND party Mr. Gikas, Ms. Kratsa and Ms. Ydraiou promised financial support but haven't done anything to date," said Mr. Kaloudis. "I ask them once again - do they remember the proud statements and promises they made in public?

Do they understand the historical obligations of their positions? Especially, following the threats against Smaragdis not to go ahead with the film about Capodistrias?"

Rodi Kratsa: "We don't have a budget"

"Right from the beginning we were enthusiastic about the making of a film about Capodistrias," Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa told Enimerosi. "I personally encouraged Yiannis Smaragdis to include filming in Corfu, which wasn't in the original plan.

"We promised to look into all possible ways of helping but we don't have the means to provide funding so we need to look into other possibilities. The Film Office may be collaborating with serious productions but it doesn't have a budget - it can only provide assistance."

Contact with tourist professionals

"Right from the beginning, from last March, we started contacting restaurants and hotels in order to find catering and accommodation solutions," Ms. Kratsa continued. "We weren't able to find solutions to all the needs - accommodation, catering, transport from Athens to Corfu and in Corfu etc.

"We are asking hoteliers and tourist professionals to see what they can offer and if it is enough for the needs of Mr. Smaragdis' filming. I continue to be open-minded as the making of a film about Ioannis Capodistrias is a great opportunity for Greece, the Ionian Islands and especially Corfu."

Yiannis Smaragdis: "I wasn't referring to Corfiots"

Yiannis Smaragdis stated categorically to Enimerosi that when he said there were some people who didn't want him to go ahead with the film, he wasn't referring to anyone in Corfu. He said that he is collaborating with the Corfiots and that is why he is here at the moment. "In any case, it wasn't Corfiots who killed Capodistrias," he said. "He was killed by those who did it and behind them were others."

Regarding his collaboration with locals he said, "We will find out while I am here whether those in Corfu will be able to help. I am looking into it and once I've had all my meetings I'll have a clearer picture."


"We have just received the production company's request for us to look into providing accommodation for 100 people in May," Corfu Hoteliers' Association President Babis Voulgaris told Enimerosi immediately after his meeting with Yiannis Smaragdis.

"The Board will meet and we will request proposals from the hotels and find the best solution - either at no cost or at greatly reduced prices."