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Contract for reconstruction of traffic light network signed today

traffic lights
15 Dec 2021 / 17:14

CORFU. The project will be completed within a year – warranty bond for five years.

The old and problematic traffic light network in Corfu – which has been causing problems to the residents for decades and threatening lives every day – will be completely reconstructed.
The Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa announced today at a press conference that the procedures for the project to be contracted had began in 2019 and they have now passed through all stages of studies and approvals. Thus, she was particularly happy to announce today the signing of the contract with the ‘Superior’ company.


The Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure Manolis Orphanoudakis explained that the project is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure’s larger 10-million project for road safety throughout Corfu, while for the whole Ionian Islands Region the total amounts to €30 million.


The project for the reconstruction of the traffic light network has a budget of €1.7 million and it will be a new and fully upgraded system.
It is planned to do the following:
- Complete reconstruction of traffic lights and junctions
- Complete piping for cable insulation to avoid short circuits
- Creation of new circuit boards, where necessary, to avoid new short circuits
-Replacement of lightning with LED bulbs for better quality and less damage and deterioration
- Creation of a remote control system to observe any malfunctions in real time
Ready within a year
The project has a 12-month deadline. “So far, we had a very good cooperation with the company and we believe that the project could be delivered sooner,” said Mr. Orphanoudakis.
It should be noted, however, that in the contract signed today, a warranty bond for a period of 5 years has been provided.
Not in the town centre
Mr. Orphanoudakis told Enimerosi that the reconstruction of the networks concerns only the main and subsidiary roads and not the municipal road network. The project does not include the traffic lights located in the Corfu Town centre.
However, as far as the regional network is concerned, it will be possible to add new traffic lights to the new network, wherever studies indicate that it is necessary. Mrs. Kratsa added that there is even a chance to place traffic lights in Paxos.
Road safety
“We believe that the main issue when it comes to road safety is traffic lights. We all know the current situation of the network, which has not been maintained for more than 25 years and I am well aware of the problems created by the continuous failure. Even if one traffic light is broken, the rest will also stop working. We are going to have more meetings like this for signing projects until we make Corfu the way it deserves,” said the Corfu Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas.