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Unknown when in-person lessons will begin at 1st Vocational High following vandalism

22 Oct 2021 / 12:30

CORFU. Lessons at the 1st Vocational High School are continuing to be conducted online.

Although the sit-in has ended, it is still not possible to hold in-person lessons as the Lab Centre has been vandalised and lab lessons cannot yet be conducted in person.

"The school is not able to operate until the Lab Centre has been restored, resulting in four 'orphan' classes," the principal Ms. Monastirioti told Enimerosi.

She said that the school remained closed today but opened following the intervention of parents. Cleaning is continuing but it is still unknown when in-person lessons will begin following the serious vandalism in the Lab Centre.

The value of the equipment in the centre is around €1.5m and, according to principal Panayiotis Karvounis, over €100k damge has been done.

Ongoing sit-in

According to the Ionian Islands Regional Education Department, the 2nd Vocational High School is now in the third day of its sit-in. Lessons are continuing online for as long as necessary.