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1st Vocational High School like a bomb site following end of sit-in

21 Oct 2021 / 12:00

CORFU. Desks, chairs, doors, walls, windows and more damaged and destroyed in the sit-in.

The 1st Vocational High School and Lab Centre once again look like a bomb site following the unexpected end to the sit-in last night.

Those taking part in the sit-in left the school wide open and the principals and teachers rushed to secure the premises and welded the doors to obstruct any more attempts to enter.

According to the 1st Vocational High deputy principal Yiota Tsentourou, those taking part in the sit-in left last night at around 21:00 when the deputy principal of Corfu IEK, which is in the same location, called the police to report that IEK keys had been stolen. When they heard the police coming, those involved in the sit-in left, leaving all the doors open.


The IEK principal immediately called the principals of the 1st Vocayional High and Lab Centre, who came with teachers and electrowelded the doors to obstruct any more attempts to enter.

"It's a dreadful sight," Ms. Tsentourou told Enimerosi. "The whole place has been vandalised, looted and destroyed. Rooms were broken into and expensive equipment stolen."

Desks, chairs, doors, walls and windows were damaged and destroyed. Ms. Tsentourou said that there are no chairs for lessons as, in the previous sit-in, the storeroom had been broken into and the chairs destroyed.

"Because they didn't find the rooms open, they used crowbars and have damaged the plasterwork," Lab Centre principal Panayiotis Karvounis told Enimerosi. "Doors had been damaged in their efforts to break in. If we hadn't put up bars to secure the area, they would have completely destroyed the equipment. The Lab Centre won't open until we have completely secured the premises." He said that five lawsuits have already been filed for vandalism and theft.

Lessons are being conducted online today whilst the premises are being cleaned and disinfected.

According to the Ionian Islands Regional Education Department, the only sit-in still continuing is at the 2nd Vocational High School.