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Broken doors found in 1st and 2nd High Schools following sit-in

26 Jan 2024 / 11:34

CORFU. Following a decision by the pupils, all the schools apart from Amphipagiton Junior High have ended the sit-ins.

Classes are taking place today at the 1st and 2nd High Schools via distance learning, as although the sit-ins have ended, damage has been found which does not allow classes to be conducted in person.

The principal of the 1st High School told Enimerosi that classes will resume normally in person starting from Monday, January 29th. According to the principal, damage assessment and repairs are being carried out in the school building wherever possible. "The school opened this morning, after the five people inside left. Four of them were non-pupils. There are many broken doors, and many others we found locked. We are proceeding with damage assessment, and where we can, we are carrying out repairs," he said.


Pupils back in their classes

The remaining schools that also had sit-ins are operating normally as of today, with pupils present in the classrooms. These are Corfu 3rd High School, the Agros Junior and High Schools, Kato Korakiana Vocational High School and the Music School. The school principals told Enimerosi that the sit-ins ended following decisions by the pupils.

According to the Ionian Islands Regional Directorate of Education, the sit-in is continuing only at Amphipagiton Junior High School.



Photo: Enimerosi archive