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Regional Governor says Traffic Police are "nowhere to be seen"

traffic lights
26 Jul 2019 / 07:36

CORFU. What the Regional Authority has done regarding the continuous problems with the traffic lights.

The Ionian Islands Regional Governor was asked about the continuous problems with the traffic lights on Eth. Paleokastritsas Rd at a press conference with the local media. Theodoros Galiatsatos reiterated what had been said by the Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu Nikoletta Pandi - the problems are due to the age of the network. "We have made several attempts to fix the problem but these have not been successful," he admitted. "What is needed is a complete upgrade of the whole network. We have, however, requested a study into the complete replacement of the system, which has been completed. The cost is 1.7m Euros and is ready to be submitted to the Ministry in order to receive funding from the Public Investment Programme."

He also laid blame on the Traffic Police, which is "nowhere to be seen" he said. "This may be due to lack of personnel but they have not assisted as they should."

"However, I would like to say once again that when the traffic lights aren't working the Highway Code should be followed," he concluded. "A lot has been said about accidents occurring due to traffic lights not working but accidents also happen where the traffic lights are let's not lay all the blame there."