National and Balkan recycling record for North Corfu Municipality

National and Balkan recycling record for North Corfu Municipality

CORFU. 160 + 1 four-stream Green Spots.

Νοεμβρίου / 2022

North Corfu Municipality is progressing towards a green and sustainable future with 161 recycling spots with four streams (plastic, aluminium/tinplate, paper/cardboard, glass).

Proper waste management, promotion of recycling and the circular economy make up a basic pillar in the North Corfu local authority's programme. The widespread network of recycling spots set up by the local authority has led to an increase in recycling, a reduction in waste and the reuse of materials.

Statement from North Corfu Municipality:

"Following the sorting at source model, which calls for the availability of recycling bins in locations where waste is created, and taking into account the changing needs over time, the North Corfu local authority is relocating recycling spots and setting up new ones in communities and neighbourhoods to bring them even closer to residents.

Every community now has at least one recycling spot. The new allocation of bins helps make the recyclable material cleaner with as little residue as possible being left (1% in North Corfu) and also makes them more accessible to the public.

Location of recycling spots:

- 95 in all municipal communities
- 29 in schools
- 24 in hotels (10,139 beds)
- 13 in public and non-profit organisations

The locations include the following: Agios Stefanos, Sinies and Avliotis Naval Observatories; KEP offices in Agios Georgios, Esperia, Thinalia and Kassiopi districts; Corfu Metropolitan Church summer camp; Acharavi Psychosocial Rehabilitation Hostel; Thinalia fire station; Esperia Children's Creative Activity Centre; Esperia Seniors Day Care Centre; Agios Athanasios Health Centre and Smile of the Child.

North Corfu Municipality regards recycling as a way of life and something that needs to be part of everybody's everyday life because recycling contributes to the protection of the environment and the most important thing we have - our life. The work continues."