Central Corfu Municipality: 26 new recycling bins for clothing - see where they are located

Central Corfu Municipality: 26 new recycling bins for clothing - see where they are located

CORFU. 26 recycling bins for clothing have been placed at special locations throughout the Municipality.

Μαρτίου / 2022

Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality has announced that, in its efforts to manage urban solid waste more efficiently in line with national and European legislation, separate bins have been placed in the municipal districts for used clothing, footwear and other cloth materials (clothes, bags, cloth toys, shoes etc.).

A total of 26 special bins have been placed in all the districts.

The bins are brand new, are of a special shape to distinguish them from bins for other types of waste and are clearly marked to show that they are for used clothing and footwear. The items are collected and, as a main priority, are reused. Anything that cannot be reused is sent for recycling and not to a landfill.

In the pilot programme for the new network almost two tons of used clothing and footwear have been collected and the municipality will be providing further updates as well as raising public awareness regarding the recycling programme for clothing and footwear.

It should be pointed out that these bins should be kept in good condition and that the lid must be kept closed.

If the project is successful, the network will be extended to include more bins in other locations.

The project is part of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality's participation in the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge – ICC and specifically in the sector 'Waste Management and Circular Economy'.

The 26 special bins for used clothing and footwear can be found at the following locations:


- Kinopiastes - Achilleio Municipal Office and KEP
- Benitses - Main Square
- Kato Garouna - Free Car Park
- Gastouri - Next to Corfu Old Peoples Home


Kanalia - Eth. Corfu-Achilleio Rd (Tria Gefiria)
- Alepou - Alepou Emporiko Kentro (Shopping Centre) near Alepou kiosk

Corfu Town

- New Fortress Square - Spilia
- Politi Square (2nd Junior High Square)
- Municipal Theatre - Municipal Community Centre
- Alkiviadou Dari (Garitsa Park-Main Children's Playground)
- 10th Primary School (Kanoni)
- Kosta Georgaki 38 (Municipal Techical Works)
- 2nd km Eth. Corfu Paleokastritsa Rd (Solari)
- 6th km Eth. Corfu Paleokastritsa Rd (Gouvia)


- Yiannades - Free Car Park
- Afra - Afra Primary School
- Pelekas - Corfu-Pelekas Rd (Free Car Park)
- Sinarades - Sinarades Primary School


Kato Korakiana
- Former community office, Main Square (Katomeri)
- Main Dassia Road
- Phaeces Municipal Office-KEP (Ipsos)

- Spartylas - Spartylas Primary School


- Liapades - Multifunction Hall (next to Junior High School)
- Skripero - Skripero Junior High and High School

- Paleokastritsa KEP
- Paleokastritsa Marina - Green Spot