Who came to Corfu on the first Lufthansa flight?

Who came to Corfu on the first Lufthansa flight?

CORFU. According to tourist professionals and the airport, the flight doesn΄t signal the beginning of the tourist season in Corfu.

Μαρτίου / 2021

The first direct Lufthansa flight from Munich on Sunday 28 March led to countless comments and 'scenarios' on social media. It was even concluded that the tourist season had begun in Corfu despite the Tourism Ministry having announced that the 'official' opening is on 14 May.

International flights are not banned but operate in line with the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.

According to airport and police sources, the flight does not signal the beginning of the tourist season in Corfu.

A team from EODY has not yet been set up at the airport for sample testing as happened at the beginning of the season in July last year.

Civil Aviation Authority Union President at Corfu Airport Dimitris Roussos told Enimerosi that there were approximately 60 passengers on the flight and Lufthansa flights are scheduled to arrive in Corfu every Sunday throughout April, unless there are cancellations.

"I looked into the matter and found out that most of the passengers were Greeks from abroad or foreign nationals who have homes in Corfu," said Mr. Roussos.

Police checks

This has been confirmed by tourist professionals and the police, who have an overload of work checking that measures are adhered to.

Each passenger must have a negative Covid test up to 72 hours before travel and must remain in isolation for 7 days at the address on the PLF form.

Police have the right to check if the quarantine is being adhered to and normally informs incoming passengers of the fact.


According to the police, lockdown rules apply to visitors exactly as they do to permanent residents. They need to send an SMS or have a written form with one of the six codes. The address given is the one that is on the PLF form.