Meropi Ydraiou says leasing Benitses Marina to Maritime Projects will bring many benefits

Meropi Ydraiou says leasing Benitses Marina to Maritime Projects will bring many benefits

CORFU. Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou gave an update today on the leasing of the tourist harbour at Benitses.

Μαρτίου / 2021

The lease was awarded to Maritime Projects for an annual fee of €250,000 until 2035 plus approximately 2% local tax on turnover.

The Mayor said that there are many benefits to be had from the leasing, both in terms of income for the Municipality and the enhancement of Corfu's tourist product.

Ms. Ydraiou said that the next leases to be awarded are for the tourist harbours in Alipas and Paleokastritsa.

Deputy Mayor for Tourism Panos Varouchas told Enimerosi that there had been discussions with the local council prior to the leasing so that the contract would be beneficial for local businesses and that is why there is a condition that the company cannot operate cafes or restaurants - just the one refreshments bar.

The Deputy Mayor added that he has asked the local council for their recommendations for necessary projects so that part of the local taxes received can be earmarked for infrastructure work in the area.

What will happen with the existing boats

Benitses tourist harbour can accommodate 96 boats and 10 places will be made available free to local professional fishermen.

As regards amateur fishers, provision is made in the contract for them to be allowed to use the slipway to launch their boats into the sea for a very small fee.

Tourist boats that are currently docked in the harbour at no charge must now contact the company in order to find out the charges.

Start of operations in July

According to the contract, the lessor will provide the necessary studies and licences for the harbour at their own expense.

Following the award of the operating licence and the first repairs, it is estimated that the harbour under the new management will start operating at the end of June or early July.