COVID-19 declared as cause of death of Scotsman

COVID-19 declared as cause of death of Scotsman

CORFU. In addition to the positive result from the Polykliniki PCR test, the patient tested positive at another hospital test - 5 patients in Corfu Hospital with coronavirus, one of whom is intubated.

Οκτωβρίου / 2020

Corfu Hospital declared that the cause of death of the 71-year-old Scotsman this morning (Thursday 1 October) was COVID-19 and it has been added to the EODY list of deaths due to coronavirus.

The Briton was taken to Corfu Hospital in serious condition on Wednesday 30 September with severe pneumonia symptoms. Prior to this he had taken a PCR test at Corfu Polykliniki which appeared positive and Corfu Hospital and EODY were informed so that the proper protocol could be followed with his transfer to the hospital and hospitalisation.

He took another PCR test at the hospital, which was again positive. There wasn't time to intubate him and he was isolated in the special Infectious Diseases Unit, where his health deteriorated rapidly and he passed away in the morning.

The Hospital Medical Examiner Christopheros Tsalakidis told Enimerosi  that, according to EODY protocol, a coroner's examination isn't mandatory for cases that have been confirmed as positive for Covid-19 unless there is a request from the Prosecutor.

Meanwhile, there are 4 elderly patients with COVID-19 hospitalised on the 4th floor of Corfu Hospital plus another, aged around 68, intubated. The latter is a German who, according to information, is a resident of Corfu.