Corfu΄s mixed up communications at the World Travel Market

Corfu΄s mixed up communications at the World Travel Market

Corfu listed under M and the Municipality phone number is in...Athens.

Νοεμβρίου / 2019

The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Tourism were well-organised for their short trip to London with pre-arranged appointments with specific people and not much time to see the city's sights.

But what if someone hadn't arranged an appointment? They could, by chance, come across Corfu's orange stand with Mouse Island in the huge ExCel exhibition centre. Even if they weren't so fortunate, they could look it up in the World Travel Market directory alphabetically listing the 5,000 exhibitors. Turning to C to find Corfu - nothing. Turning to K in case it's listed as Kerkyra - nothing.

If there attention hasn't been drawn to something else, and if they know that Corfu is an island belonging to the Ionian Islands Region, they go to the GNTO stand to check out the 13 Regions and find the Region of Ionian Islands. Well done!

Let's turn to another visitor, who is losing his or her patience but is determined to find it. Eventually they find Corfu...under M for Municipality of Corfu. Now why hadn't they thought of that? The brand name really stands out!

If someone then wants to arrange an appointment with the Mayor they click on the Municipality of Corfu link. The address that comes up is Sitias & Mesologgiou Str. Metamorforsi, Athens, Attica. The telephone has a 210 code and the company listed is KSD - an Athens company with a tourist site.

Finally, after this small Odyssey (which is in keeping with our profile), if someone wants to 'do business' in Corfu they don't even speak with the secretary of the Deputy Mayor for Tourism or the Mayor but reach the switchboard of a publisher of Greek tourist information.

The company was given the organisation of the exhibition stand by Corfu Chamber of Commerce, who have a contract with the Municipality until the end of 2019. Even if there were a mistake, nobody would be able to spot it. However, the 'mistake' leads people directly to a private company - which isn't even in Corfu.

The 'mistake', at the very least, creates a negative impression of Corfu tourism as the answering message on the phone says: "Thank you for calling KSD, please enter the 3-digit number for marketing, finance, production, studio etc."

The new local authority may maintain that it is making a fresh start - and means it - but the failures and lack of action from the past still cling on. Apart from the satisfaction with the independent exhibition stand and the bookings which went well, we need to keep an eye on the details!