1st prize to Corfu Special Professional Education Workshop for its Corfu Smart City plan!

1st prize to Corfu Special Professional Education Workshop for its Corfu Smart City plan!

ATHENS. The team won the prize in the High School category of the Greek Educational Robotics Competition 2019.

Μαρτίου / 2019

The Corfu Special Professional and Vocational Workshop (EEEEK) won 1st prize for its Corfu Smart City plan in the final of the Greek Educational Robotics Competition 2019 in the High School category.

The final took place in Athens 0n 16 and 17 March with about 2,000 pupils and 454 teams from all over Greece. The competition was for primary and secondary school pupils and was organised by the Educational Robotics Non-Profit Organization WRO Hellas in collaboration with Cosmote and under the aegis of the President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

The topics were announced in October and following five months of intense effort from 1,200 teams 13 preliminary rounds were held before the final. The Corfu EEEEK team had to respond to the following challenge: How can robotic technology help the island of Corfu in the development of tourism and transport?

The pupils, bearing in mind that transport is one of the issues that creates the most anxiety for people with special needs, began their plan for the Corfu Smart City by proposing 10 road arteries linking the Port, the Historic Centre, the Independent Accommodation Centre, the hospital, the airport and Mouse Island.

They then created robotic models such as self-driving wheelchairs and programmed them to assist tourists with mobility problems.

The team called itself Robo Teeeek and took part in the High School Open category on the topic of Smart Cities. It was a tremendous feat for the youngsters and their supervisors in the difficult conditions at their school. The pupils worked systematically for five months going once a week to the Robotics Laboratory at the Public Library in the Old Fortress as their school didn't have the necessary educational robotics equipment.

The members of the team from Corfu EEEEK are - Odysseus Rizai, Theodoros Nikolouzos, Christina Faka, Igli Hotza, Nafsika Siakouli and Maria Merianou and their coordinator was the IT teacher Gerasimos Polimeris. Other teachers assisting were Margarita Tsarouha, Eleni Kokova and Dimitris Noulis. The photos they used for their plan were taken by Vassili Doukakis.

Congratulations to one and all!