Dumball reaches target of £1m for Teenage Cancer Trust

Dumball reaches target of £1m for Teenage Cancer Trust

CORFU. The Dumball Rally - the fancy dress festival on wheels in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust - ended in Corfu in the best possible way.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2018

The drivers arrived in Corfu and celebrated with a super party at the Emporiko Kentro. Not only did they drive 2,200 miles but they also reached their target.

The organizers of the Fancy Dress Rally had set a target of £1m. The £500 dressed-up bangers set off on the Dumball Rally from the UK on 14 September with Corfu as the destination for the first time - in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The annual charity rally first started in 2006 and since then has travelled to such destinations as Athens, Istanbul, Helsinki, Sicily, Odessa, the Sahara Desert....

When the rally began they were £150,000 short of their target (£1m). When they arrived in Corfu they found that the total was now £1,000,076!

"Unbelievable," it says on the Dumball website. "Hopefully we inspired a few people along the way. What a week."

The convoy of 50 bangers, all imaginatively done up - Picachu, Star Wars, The Adams Family, Pirate and more - went through the Eurotunnel and on to Calais, crossed the Alps and continued via Venice to Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosova and Albania before arriving in Corfu by ferry.

Congratulations to everyone!