Liapades Green Spot: Environmental awareness and love for our island

Liapades Green Spot: Environmental awareness and love for our island

Stefanos Poulimenos and members of his party visited Liapades Green Spot

CORFU. Stefanos Poulimenos and members of his political party dedicated the last day of 2022 to the environment - the major for our island - by visiting Liapades Green Spot.

Ιανουαρίου / 2023

The visitors spoke with the local volunteers Lesley, Ian, Myra, Mahi and Lilian, who explained how the facility operated and the impressive results of their efforts which, without any support from the local authority, have been widely recognised and supported by the local community.

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday residents from the village and the area around it bring their clean recyclable materials to Liapades Green Spot next to the junior high school - paper, glass, plastic, aluminium, iron etc. as well as reusable materials such as clothing, footwear, furniture, household goods, children's toys and games, books etc.

Bringing these materials to the Green Spot helps significantly reduce the amount of waste, thus saving resources and contributing to a greater environmentl awareness.

According to the volunteers, between January and November 2022 over 100 tons of clean recyclable materials were collected which, if the Green Spot didn't exist, would have gone to Kozani or Palairo at a higher cost.

Stefanos Poulimenos was accompanied by his colleagues Christos Skourtis, Spyros Neratzis, Fontas Alamanos and Kostas Tsirigakis and they were received by the former Mayor of Paleokastritsa Kostas Halikias and Liapades community president Yiannis Agathos.