"Achillion 2022" musical evening

CORFU. The Ionian Camerata will be performing for the first time in the Achillion Palace colonnade on Friday 10 June at 20:30.

Ιουνίου / 2022

For the third year running, the Achillion Palace will be hosting a musical evening on Friday 10 June at 20:30 as part of a series of events for World Music Day.

The Ionian Camerata will be performing in the Palace colonnade for the first time along with the Ionian University Music Department in a quality programme conducted by Spyros Gikontis.

The following musicians will be taking part:

Spyros Gikontis (violin) Conductor
Victoria Karapetian (violin)
Grigoria Papageorgiou (violin)
Apollon Rotas (violin)
Haris Havelos (violin)
Andreas Karvounis (violin)
Panayiotis Aravidis (viola)
Mirsini Achalinotopoulou (cello)
Thanasis Gloubos (cello)


Part 1
J. S. Bach - First of six sonatas and partites for unaccompanied violin

Part 2
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 'Divertimento' in D Major for Stringed Orchestra
Dag Wirén - 'Serenade' for Stringed Orchestra, 1st Part (Prelude)
Nikos Skalkotas - 'Five Greek Dances' for Stringed Orchestra, 4th Dance (Epirus)


Admission free

Bookings: 26610 56210 / Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00