Nia Vardalos in Corfu ahead of filming for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3"

Nia Vardalos in Corfu ahead of filming for

CORFU. The Canadian-Greek actor, director, scriptwriter and producer Nia Vardalos is in Corfu at the moment.

Μαΐου / 2022

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" will be filmed completely in Greece and the filming crew will be in Corfu from 5 July to 3 August.

Casting has already begun and, according to information, there is a lot of interest from Corfiots in taking part as extras - both for the experience and the extra money. Enimerosi has been told that some contracts have already been signed, whilst location managers are busy arranging which locations will be used.

One can probably get an idea of which locations may be used for filming from the places visited by the producer, but, at this time information is not being given out.

On Monday Nia Vardalos and other members of the production team visited the olive groves and production facilities of the renowned Corfu company The Governor, whose olive oil was the first from Corfu to be sold in Harrods.

The Dafni brothers, producers of the award-winning oil, showed her round the olive groves and facilities and demonstrated the production process step-by-step, describing to her the special characteristics of the exceptional olive oil.

"It was an honour and a great pleasure to welcome her," Spyros Dafnis told Enimerosi, without saying whether her visit was connected to the shooting of the film.

"The olive groves and oil production are inextricably linked to Corfu tradition," he said. "Whenever it is learned of elsewhere, it benefits the product and its quality. Corfu and Greece are the greatest film studio and I hope that there will be even more film productions using the island."