Sinies Cultural Society collaborating with ΄Mediterranean Cultures΄ Festival

Sinies Cultural Society collaborating with ΄Mediterranean Cultures΄ Festival

CORFU. Wide-ranging discussion on the Festival to be held 6-10 September 2023 with local authority and cultural, political and producers organisations.

Μαρτίου / 2022

Between 28 February and 1 March the managing director of the Greek sector of CIOFF® (International Council of Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) Kostas Ioannidis and the president of Sinies Educational and Cultural Society Yiannis Garnellis held a series of wide-ranging discussions with Corfu organisations to update them on the resumption of their collaboration in the organisation of the only 'Mediterranean Cultures' Festival - Corfu, 6-10 September, 2023.

The 'Mediterranean Cultures' Festival takes place every four years in one of the member-countries of the CIOFF® South European Sector and showcases Mediterranean traditional cultures and peoples. In 2023 participants from 16 Mediterranean countries will be taking part with dance groups, musicians and philharmonic bands who will showcase their traditions with performances, exhibitions and other activities throughout Corfu.

The Dean of the Ionian University Mr. Floros took part in the meetings and it was agreed that the university will take part in the Corfu Festival with activities and conferences in collaboration with other Mediterranean universities. Also present at the meetings was Professor Katsios, UNESCO representative, regarding cultural heritage activities at the Ionian University.

There was also a meeting with Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa and Deputy Regional Governor for Culture Alexandros Alexakis.

Meetings were also held with North Corfu Deputy Mayors Mavronas (Culture) and Koutsouris (Technical Works); South Corfu Deputy Mayors Andriotis (Culture), Kourtesis (Technical Works and Kavvadias (Council President); Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou and Deputy Mayor for Culture Chrysoula Tombrou as well as the Vice-President of PEDIN Yiannis Trepeklis.

Other meetings involved the president of Corfu Chamber of Commerce Giorgos Hondroyiannis and Chamber members Karoubis and Spais regarding the organisation of an economic and professional forum with the participation of Chambers of Commerce from other Mediterranean countries. The presidents of Corfu Hoteliers'Association and Corfu Federation of Tourist Accommodation Owners, Babis Voulgaris and Pericles Katsaros also took part in the discussions.

The organisers visited the office of Corfu MP Dimitris Biangis to update him and request assistance with ministerial contacts. There will be visits to the other two Corfu MPs in the next few days.

The organisers are already working with the Corfu Scouts, who will play a significant role in the organisation of the Festival with catering for participants and preparation of activities.

Corfu Philharmonic Society will be taking part in the Festival with performances of works by the Corfu composer Kostas Savanis and there was a meeting with the Society's President Spyros Padovas, conductor Spyros Prosoparis, Mr. Metallinos and the composer Kostas Savanis.

All of the organisations involved showed a keen interest in this important event which will promote Corfu internationally as a multi-cultural destination and showcasing all the cultural influences on the island.

All the above organisations will continue to work together in preparations for the Festival and this collaboration will help make this unique and important event a great success.

CIOFF® is an international cultural organisation and an official partner of UNESCO and accredited to the UNESCO ICH Committee. Its aim is to preserve and promote cultural heritage. It has a total of 112 members from all over the world and organises over 400 international and national festivals.

Sinies Educational and Cultural Society has been a member since 2007 and is responsible for the organisation of the festival in Corfu in collaboration with the National Sector.