Students report new problems at Corfu School of Tourism

Students report new problems at Corfu School of Tourism

CORFU. Students are demanding solutions from Tourism Minister and warn of protest action.

Ιανουαρίου / 2022

Students at Corfu School of Tourism have sent the following letter to the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias:

As representatives of the students at Corfu School of Tourism, expressing the views of all the students, we would like to inform you, first of all, of the situation here which is creating difficulties in the smooth running of the school, adding to the problems already existing and requiring immediate measures from your Ministry.

At this time:

1. The practical work areas aren't operating as there are no food supplies and necessary action has not been taken in order to get certification of their suitability from an electrician.

2. There is no proper cleaning of the building.

3. Three temporary contract positions have been filled but the 4th position for IT has not been filled and nothing has been done to contract it out. As a consequence, computer problems cannot be solved and important documents or attendance certificates cannot be issued.

4. There are not enough foreign language teachers, meaning that there is a danger of the 6-month term, which ends on 4 February, not being completed. One of the classes has no English, even now, 19 January.

5. A trainer from Thessaloniki College has been employed, whom we consider to be doing more harm than good. He uses irregular methods and asked the English teacher to work far more hours than are in her contract, leading to her resignation; he insists on online lessons taking place outwith the regular school hours and many students work in the evenings - instead of solving problems, he is adding new ones.

We have brought the situation up on many occasions but have had no response and there has been a refusal to communicate. We believe that Corfu School of Tourism should operate properly, in a way that is befitting of the history and contribution of the island!

We demand that Mr. Agriopoulos be dismissed from the School (what is his role?) for his unacceptable methods and behaviour!

We demand that all the administrative and teaching positions be filled and foreign language teachers be employed immediately so that the necessary lessons can be conducted properly.

We demand immediate solutions to the problems of cleaning, supplies and the operation of the work areas.

The above are vital needs and matters of priority as our studies at the School prepare us for our future careers and are a serious investment in the future of tourism in Corfu and Greece.

We demand a response from the Ministry - what are your plans for Corfu School of Tourism and what immediate actions do you plan to take?

We await your response.

If no immediate action is taken in response to our demands above, we will be forced into taking protest action.


The student community at Corfu School of Tourism