ANASA visits Liapades Green Spot

ANASA visits Liapades Green Spot

CORFU. A team from the Regional party ANASA paid a visit to Liapades Green Spot.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

A team from the Regional party ANASA, comprising the former Regional Governor Galiatsatos, Regional Council Vice-President Michalas and Regional Councillor Gavalas, paid a visit to Liapades Green Spot accompanied by Theodoros Voros, member of

Liapades Green Spot was set up and is run by local residents and is a concrete and impressive example of non-profit, voluntary action dealing with a burning everyday issue like waste management in Corfu.

The ANASA team was received and shown around the Green Spot by Ian Smith, Lesley Cummings, Kostas Payiatis and Christina Repoulio, lynchpins of the facility.

Hundreds of residents in Liapades and the surrounding area use the Green Spot for recycling and reuse.

The former Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos congratulated all those involved on their successful work and expressed his disappointment that their efforts and those of others are not supported by the local authority.

ANASA reiterated that the funding of over €4m they secured as Regional Authority has been given to the local authority in Corfu for recycling and Green Spots has not been used and called on the local authorities and FODSA to fulfil their obligations.