Corfu ND office vandalised yet again

Corfu ND office vandalised yet again

CORFU. The Corfu ND office was vandalised by persons unknown early on Monday morning.

Aυγούστου / 2021

The local ND President Yiannis Kontos made the following statement:

"Yet again, the Corfu ND office in Methodiou St. was the target of a dangerous attack by persons unknown at around 04:00 this morning. The outer door of the building was opened by force and the perpetrators threw in flammable materials (probably a mixture of petrol and other materials) which, fortunately, did not do irreparable damage.

These incidents must stop. They have no place in the civilised democracy that we live in.

Did it occur to the perpatrators that their dangerous and reckless act could have put human lives and property in the centre of town in danger???

We condemn this act and call on all the local political parties to categorically condemn it."