2 vanloads of recyclable materials collected in North Corfu over 2 days

2 vanloads of recyclable materials collected in North Corfu over 2 days

Spyros Neratzis & Spyridoula Kokkali

CORFU. ΄All Together for the Corfu Environment΄ in collaboration with other organisations collected a substantial amount of recyclable materials.

Ιουνίου / 2021

Statement from the head of 'All Together for the Corfu Environment' Spyros Neratzis:

"When there is proper planning towards a common goal, done conscientiously and with cooperation, then the implementation is easy.

On Wednesday and Thursday North Corfu Municipality, Ikos Dassia Hotel, the Corfu ND office (NODE) plus plenty of volunteers ensured that two vanloads of recyclable materials didn't go to Temploni.

- The North Corfu Deputy Mayor and her colleagues ensured that clothing and footwear collected by residents that hadn't gone for reuse went for recycling.

- Anna Gousi and the NODE team gave unwanted printed materials from their office for recycling.

- Ikos Hotel and the floor supervisor Ria Mamali not only collected clothing not for use once again (this is the third time) but also brought it to our storage space themselves."

Spyros Neratzis added: "For the third year, our fellow citizens continue to fill the red bin outside the KEP office in Corfu Town with clothing and footwear that they no longer need.

We would like to thank them for their conscientious efforts and contribution to the reduction in volume of waste and protection of the environment.

Last but not least, it needs to be said that we wouldn't have the results we do without the voluntary provision of space and personnel from Dimitris Kotsis' recycling centre. Our thanks go to Dimitris, Vladimir, Nikos and the 'Big Guy' for their selfless support."