Spyros Neratzis: What we learnt from the voluntary work in Kalafationes

Spyros Neratzis: What we learnt from the voluntary work in Kalafationes

CORFU. Spyros Neratzis, Municipal Councillor for Voluntary Work, stressed the importance of the work done by volunteers clearing up the woods in Kalafationes.

Απριλίου / 2021

Statement from Spyros Neratzis:

On Sunday 18 April the local council, the Cultural Society, Kalafationes Voluntary Action Group and all the local residents were true hosts!

We were filled with thanks and optimism by their smiles, positivity, kindness, concern and cooperation. The organisation was exemplary and we would like to thank them. What we learnt was clear:

1. Through cooperation and by utilising the proper techniques and following the science we can protect the environment and at the same time encourage all to take action support the local communities.

2. To protect a forest you have to ensure that it is accessible to those who love and enjoy it. And they did it - everyone was there!

Three clearing machines, a bulldozer, two hoeing machines, a tractor, dozens of chainsaws and grass cutters, two shredders and lots of other agricultural equipment could not compare to the human will and participation! 

We would like to thank the following for their participation and support:

- Corfu Firefighters Union, Ionian Islands Regional Firefighters Union and Mr. Karatarakis for their active participation.

- Corfu Fire Department and Nikos Kolovos for the confidence their support provided.

- The Forestry Commission

- The Ionian Islands Regional Authority for their participation and the equipment and personnel they provided us with. Ms. Andrioti and Messrs Miliotis, Naoum and Tziovani were with us right from the beginning on Sunday.

From the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality:

- Deputy Mayor Haris Yiotis and supervisors Giorgos Zaragas and Yiannis Vasilakis.

- Cleansing Suervisor Babis Dimegelis who remained in contact with us on Sunday ready to provide whatever we needed.

- The 'permanent' volunteer Nikos Tsiolis.

- The other 'permanent' volunteer Giorgos Riganas with his shredder and knowhow.

- Kompitsi Scouts and the Regional Director Konstantinos Karabatsos along with the Scout Leader of the 12th Kompitsi Scout Group.

- The new volunteer Giorgos Panaretos with his shredder.

- Corfu Trekking & Mountaineering Association.

- Corfu Public Employees' Union.

- Corfu Airgun Group (KOAK)

- Our dear friend Spyros Zervas who, with his machinery, helped the Kompitsi Scouts.

- All the individual volunteers who came on Sunday to take part.

Spyros Neratzis
Municipal Councillor for Voluntary Works