2 more Green Corners in North Corfu - Acharavi and Ag.Athanasios

2 more Green Corners in North Corfu - Acharavi and Ag.Athanasios

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CORFU. 30th North Corfu Green Spot at Pantokrator Ag. Athanasios Nunnery and 31st in Acharavi.

Ιανουαρίου / 2021

The 30th recycling centre in North Corfu has been set up at the Pantokrator Ag. Athanasios Nunnery with the assistance of the Abbess. The Green Spot includes composters.

In addition to the Sinies Green Spot a new recycling centre has been set up in Acharavi - the 31st in North Corfu.

The Municipality issued the following statements:

- It is being proved in practice that recycling is the way forward in our efforts to protect the environment and its success depends on the efforts of community groups and the practical support of the local authority.

- The establishment of a Green Spot requires organisation and an individual plan of operation for each community as each community has its own particular needs and characteristics.

- Recycling centres have brought significant results in the Municipality's recycling efforts and in achieving the goals set by the state.

- Some of the items that are collected at the centres such as small pieces of furniture, appliances, clothes etc. are distributed free to residents in need for reuse.

- There is also a recycling centre for bulky items, where these are collected, separated into categories and set out so that they can be taken and reused.

Whatever cannot be reused is sent to the wrecker to be crushed and made into pellets or used in the composters.