Farewell to Sidari΄s Father Anastasios from Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris

Farewell to Sidari΄s Father Anastasios from Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris

CORFU. A personal condolence message from the North Corfu Mayor for the priest who died from Covid-19 following a long period of hospitalisation in Corfu Hospital ICU.

Νοεμβρίου / 2020

North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris sent a personal condolence message for the death of the Sidari priest who lost his life to Covid-19 following a long period of hospitalisation in Corfu Hospital ICU.

"A few words in the first person for the worthy and well-loved Sidari priest Father Anastasios Boikos.

...in the words of the poet, like an effective antidote to the ugliness of a whole era as the pain of death is unbearable, the cause abhorrent and the blind pain of the tears cannot describe it.

Death is unbearable. It is a heavy burden. Human existence cries out to to remain untouched and in the company of its loved ones... And the poet, well-respected Father Tasos, wants you to stand "at the entrance to the land of humans, in earthly sadness, with the heavy pages of memories, in the strictest silence, BUT holding a drop of eternity in your hand."

You are carrying a heavy book with the story of your life. It is certain that you can see the past and the future. The past that you were worthy enough to live serving the most sacred ministry, your apprenticeship, your ordination. your services. The future - the vastness of eternity which is lit up by your presence.

And today, Sunday, your beloved day of resurrection for those eternally alive, the celebration of the Archangel, you await with a heart full of peace to hear the church bell signalling a special service sounding not the end, but a new beginning.

You lived for 65 years, of which 19 were as a priest in our area serving in both the Church of Agios Nikolaos in Sidari and the Church of Erikoussa.

With your authenticity, ethos, integrity, faith in God, dynamic character, godly zeal, strong personality, determination and charisma you won the love of your parish and all of us and you yourself loved us all from the first day that you came to Sidari 19 years ago.

An optimistic, unifying and tireless worker for the Church and your parish who combined theory and practice impeccably and whose every action was aimed at unifying the area and its residents.

Over the last few years you worked at the North Corfu branch of the Church's community shop serving all those in need of food and other basic necessities. Your cooperation with the Metropolitan Church and the Municipality was both admirable and efficient.

You encourage solidarity and altruism. Going beyond individualism and caring for others. "The world only exists when you share it," you said. You believed that theoretical training and participation in worship was incomplete if it wasn't combined with the expression of love in everyday life through good works.

Who amongst us came to see you and found your door closed? Who asked you for something and didn't leave with hands and heart full? Who trusted you and didn't receive understanding? Who approached you with sadness and wasn't comforted?

You had a heart full of faith, simplicity, love and kindness which was big enough for everyone. You gave tirelessly, without sparing time or energy. You were a living, optimistic and tireless worker for the church and community.

You shared your life between the church, the priesthood, your spiritual children, your flock, the villagers and your family. If someone tried to describe your beloved life partner Eleni, they would say that you had a good angel at your side. A virtuous lady, a model of patience, faith, dedication and support for her husband the priest and two exceptional sons Yiannis and Spyros.

You'll excuse me if I say a few personal words. I had the good fortune to be a fellow pupil of yours. Your friend. I was lucky enough to be in your heart. Every so often you would share memories with me. You would share and describe your love for everyone with your wonderful wisdom.

Your smile was an endless heaven. Your heart a huge embrace. Your faith an immoveable rock. Today we say farewell to you not because you are leaving but because we will miss this the warm image we have of you, your resonance and the sound of your voice. You remain where you have always been, walking in the Kingdom of Heaven, which you always served with humility and devotion.

You are right my beloved friend. Both you and the poet. In this world which is getting more and more difficult we all need one another. We need to seek out humans wherever they are.

Look after us"