Fines doubled for violations of Covid measures

Fines doubled for violations of Covid measures

ATHENS. Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias clarified the lockdown measures in force from Saturday.

Νοεμβρίου / 2020

Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday that there will be widespread checks from Saturday morning and that fines will be doubled. Instead of €150 they will now be €300.

Those who fine the protective measures will be fined €300. Employers will be fined €500 for false declarations. Businesses which don't adhere to the suspension of operations will be fined €5,000 and individuals €3,000.

There are restrictions on movement 24 hours a day nationwide and movement is only allowed with SMS or the other forms for the following reasons:

- Work
- Going to or from schools
- Health
- Shopping
- Visiting public services
- Providing assistance
- Funerals
- Divorced parents with children
- Physical exercise / walking animals / taking stray animals in the municipality.

- Parents can accompany their sons enlisting for obligatory military duty to an army camp. The camp will issue parents with proof of having been there and their son will be tested for Covid-19 on entering the camp.

- Fishing and hunting are forbidden to the public and are not included in the exceptions.

International travel

The Deputy Minister clarified that all incoming travellers to Greece, whether by land or air, were required to provide negative PCR tests taken at most 72 hours before travelling. This requirement comes into effect on Wednesday 11 November.

It remains obligatory for everyone arriving from abroad to fill in a PLF form and show the QR code. From Tuesday 10 November Greeks travelling abroad must fill out a PLF form found on 24 hours before travel time. One form per family is enough

Agricultural work is allowed

From Saturday all activities in the primary sector are allowed as are those in the secondary sector such as manufacturing and processing.

Activities allowed in the tertiary sector include the following:

- Food shops, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers.
- Opticians and hearing-aid shops only by appointment.
- Businesses with telecommunications equipment only for electrical and telephone services with home delivery along with account payments, repairs and device replacements.
- Cleaning & laundry businesses, kiosks, pharmacies, filling stations, health & veterinary services, pet shops.
- Open-air markets with 50% of sellers and 5 metres distance between stalls - suspension of manufactured products.
- Building and work sites.

- Theoretical & practical driving examinations are suspended.
- Driving schools and public and private MOT testing centres will be closed with the exception of heavy vehicle testing.
- All places of worship will remain closed and services suspended except for funerals, which are limited to 9 attendees.

Those taking advantage of this weekend to use hair salons or barber shops before they shut down on Monday should use code #2 in their SMS or form.

Regional exceptions

Mr. Hardalias said that there will be exceptions in Samos and Karditsa as follows:

SMS will not be required in Samos.

Retail and wholesale shops with appliances and other constructions will remain open in Samos and Karditsa.

This is due to the recent natural disasters in the two areas.