New health safety map - Corfu at Level 2

New health safety map - Corfu at Level 2

ATHENS. Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias has unveiled the Government΄s new Health Safety & COVID-19 Protection map.

Οκτωβρίου / 2020

The map will be updated every 14 days or more frequently if circumstances dictate it.

It is a means to categorise and keep track of local measures to enable the smooth continuance of economic and social life throughout Greece.

The online map has 4 levels of the degree of risk and safety levels in force in all 74 Greek regional units.

Risk-assessment map: the 4 levels

The online map (accessible here) has 4 levels of safety measures and regulations for each of the regional units:

Level 1 – Green – Low risk (Intervention: Preparedness / On alert)

Level 2 – Yellow – Moderate risk (Intervention: Monitoring)

Level 3 – Orange – High risk (Intervention: Increased monitoring)

Level 4 – Red – Very high risk (Intervention: Strict measures)

The level attributed to each area is based on the epidemiological data such as increase or decrease in number of case per 100,000 population, use of Health System facilities (e.g. how many beds and ICU beds are in use) and the epidemiological situation as indicated by track and trace data.

The geographical data is for regional units but if circumstances require it, the Health Ministry and Civil Protection Ministry may indicate special measures in local areas within a region.

Data for each region will be searchable in 3 ways: a) entering the postcode b) selecting the region from a menu c) clicking on the region on the map.

The online risk-assessment map will be updated every 14 days in cooperation with Greece’s special committee of infectious disease specialists or any time deemed required according to the epidemiological indicators of an area.

Measures and regulations are subject to amendment based on the latest scientific and research data.

How the map works

The new online platform (accessible here) enables citizens to track the spread of COVID-19 in the country and keep up to date with the latest safety restrictions by regional unit. The colour of each regional unit indicates the Level and each Level has different safety measures. Clicking on a Region reveals the specific measures in force there.