Increase in ferry services from Monday

Increase in ferry services from Monday

CORFU. From Monday 1 June the number of ferry services between Corfu and Igoumenitsa will return to normal.

Μαΐου / 2020

In the first week - beginning on 25 May - that COVID-19 restrictions were lifted the limited number of ferry services was maintained. This was due to the fact that the European funding programme ran until 31 May and so shipping companies were obliged to keep the same number of services.

From Monday 1 June the number of domestic services will return to normal for the time of year and passengers will have 10 - 12 daily services available.

There will, of course, be special measures - no more than 50% capacity, a special questionnaire to fill in, use of masks, social distancing and optional thermometer readings remain in place until further notice.

Download the questionnaire in Greek here

Download the questionnaire in English here


Social distancing

Social distancing will be maintained and there will be controls on the number of passengers boarding at a time so that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between passengers is adhered to along with the use of masks. Crew members are obliged to supervise the procedure and ensure that proper distances are maintained.

Pre-boarding entry screening

Pre-boarding entry screening must be carried out as described below in order to check passengers for possible symptoms or previous contact with people infected with COVID-19.

Questionnaire / health declaration to be submitted before boarding

As part of the measures to prevent the spread of and dealing with cases of COVID-19, ship passengers on a journey of more than 30 minutes must fill in a special questionnaire (see links above) before boarding.

Based on the questionnaire, if a passenger has symptoms or has had contact with someone with COVID-19 in any of the ways outlined in the form in the preceding 14 days, boarding will not be allowed.

The shipping company will hold on to the questionnaires for two months from the date of submission according to the laws regarding protection of personal data (GDPR).

Temperature readings

This can identify passengers who have a fever for any reason but cannot prevent all those infected by SARS-CoV-2 from boarding - for example, someone may have mild symptoms but no fever or are asymptomatic. Consequently, only a small percentage of cases can be identified in this way.

However, since there has been a high level of the infection spreading on ships and there is a great deal of concern from islanders, this is recommended as an extra boarding measure for ships travelling internationally.

Temperature readings are taken at a distance with electronic non-contact thermometers. If a passenger has a temperature greater than 37.8οC boarding is not permitted.

Provision of information and checking the use of personal protection equipment

Crew members will inform passengers that the use of cloth masks or cloth coverings of the mouth and nose both outdoors and indoors on the boat is mandatory for the duration of the journey. If a passenger doesn't have a mask or refuses to comply boarding will not be permitted.

Refusal of permission to board

Based on pre-boarding entry screening:
- if a passenger has possible COVID-19 symptoms
- if the answers on the questionnaire indicate that he or she has had contact with someone infected with COVID-19
- if the passenger refuses to use a mask on board the boat

boarding will not be permitted.

In the first two instances above, travel will not be permitted for another 14 days. If the individual has been infected, they must provide a medical certificate saying that they fulfil the necessary criteris.


Social distancing

Non-essential movement is not recommended and passengers are advised to stay in their cabins or seats. A minimum distance of 1.5 metres between people must be maintained.

Maximum number of passengers

The maximum number of passengers on vessels with no cabins is 50% and 55% for those with cabins.

Personal hygiene rules

Passengers and cres - hands must be washed with soap and water. If dirt cannot be seen on hands, antiseptic can be used. Even if gloves are used, hand hygiene must be maintained. Antiseptic must be available at various spots such as reception, bars and restaurants.

The shipping companies must provide information for the passengers and train crew members in personal hygiene. Passenger information must be provided in special printed material produced by EODY.

Personal protection for passengers and crew

Masks are mandatory throughout the journey and in all parts of the boat for passengers and crew.

Information must be provided for the passengers regarding the mandatory use of masks and their proper use.