Just 3 international passengers at Corfu Airport in April

Just 3 international passengers at Corfu Airport in April

Photo from the recent Enimerosi article on the near completion of the new terminal

CORFU. Statistics from Corfu and Rhodes Airports for March and April during the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we await European and Government agreements on health and transport Fraport expect international flights to recommence in mid-June.

Μαΐου / 2020

The freeze in arrivals and departures at Corfu Airport can clearly be seen in the Fraport statistics. There were 3 international passengers in April and 173 in March compared to 107,000 in the same two months in 2019!

See the statistics here.

This sad situation is, of course, not limited to Corfu. You can see the statistics for Rhodes here.

Almost 100% decrease for Aegean Airlines

The situation with domestic flights is similar and the national carrier's revenue has dropped to rock bottom. In the last 6 weeks or so CEO Eftihis Vassilakis says there has been a 99.5% drop! It seems almost certain that government intervention is necessary to ensure its survival.

However, both Aegean's major shareholders and the government want to avoid indirect 'nationalisation' with the state buying a large proportion of the shares. They are seeking other solutions via the bank and hope to gain the go-ahead from Europe - though the leaders in the field are the EU axis countries of Germany and France.

Suspension of Fraport debts

Included in the Legislative Decree of 1 May is the suspension of due payments to the state by Fraport for six months, following the company's recent request.