Venice Mayor asks for Venice to be blacklisted!

Venice Mayor asks for Venice to be blacklisted!

VENICE. Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has asked UNESCO to put the city on the World Heritage Sites blacklist.

Ιουνίου / 2019

He told the Italian radio station 24 that Venice and its residents were in danger!

His statement follows the recent accident when a large cruise ship due to engine failure crashed into a dock and hit a moored tourist boat, injuring four people.

The Mayor of the historical city is railing against the Italian Government, and especially the Minister of Transport Danilo Toninelli, for tardiness in providing a solution to the problem. The Venetians are requesting that the huge cruise ships be prohibited from mooring in the lagoon.

UNESCO has already requested that the Italian authorities take action to protect the Heritage Site bu the deadline it gave has passed and an extension has even been granted.

The Mayor's protest was published in The Guardian.