Congestion in the pedestrian precinct with....Ferraris!

Congestion in the pedestrian precinct with....Ferraris!

CORFU. The legendary cars were all lined up in Evg. Voulgareos St. yesterday evening in a dazzling display enjoyed by young and old alike.

Ιουνίου / 2019

The famous Italian Ferrari owners΄ club ΄Passione Rossa΄ is celebrating its 20th anniversary with various events throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.

There were at least 40 cars in the pedestrian precinct in Evg. Voulgareos yesterday evening drawing the attention of passersby snapping away with their cameras.

The Ferrari Club Passione Rossa was founded in 1999 by Fabio Barone, who is still President and its members are exclusively Italian businesspeople, owners and collectors of Ferraris. Its aim is to promote the most famous sports car in the world and for years the club has taken part in international events where the Ferraris are the star attraction alongside the destination.

The 2-day event in Corfu was co-organised with the Ionian Islands Regional Administration un der the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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