Thursday 25.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


27 Mar 2024 / 10:35
Sarkk company the new tenant in Samaras St. property

CORFU. The company intends to open a shop selling clothing, footwear and accessories.

07 Sep 2023 / 10:29
Deputy Minister presents National Action Plan for child abuse during Corfu visit

CORFU. One in five children in Europe is a victim of sexual abuse, while in Greece, the figure is 16%.

08 Feb 2023 / 14:00
€140k for orphanage, old peoples home, elderly day care centre and municipal childcare centre

CORFU. The funds come from the proceeds from one of the two properties bequested by Ioannis Dragonetis to Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality.

21 Dec 2022 / 14:58
Ambulance Service Union donates food to orphanage, community shop and food kitchen

CORFU. They wished everyone a new year full of love, health and prosperity.

28 Dec 2021 / 13:38
Gifts to Corfu Orphanage from Aegean Airlines

CORFU. A short educational workshop was also organised in collaboration with the Eliza and Vassilis Goulandris Foundation.

17 Dec 2021 / 12:27
Gastouri Philharmonic Orchestra festive concert Sunday 19 December

CORFU. Proceeds will go to Corfu Orphanage.

27 Aug 2021 / 18:42
Rotary Club donates van to Corfu Orphanage

CORFU. Corfu “Ioannis Capodistrias” Rotary Club donated a 9-seater van to the Orphanage.

24 Jan 2020 / 07:03
Donations from Corfu Port Authority to Orphanage and Old People΄s Home

CORFU. Corfu Port Authority donated equipment to the island΄s two charitable institutions as part of its Corporate Responsibility programme.

23 Dec 2019 / 13:56
Gifts to those in need from Corfu Rotary Club

CORFU. Food for families in need, support for ΄Melissa΄ and a visit with gifts to Corfu Orphanage.

23 Dec 2019 / 09:10
Corfu ΄Maskarata΄ distributes gifts at the orphanage

CORFU. Corfu ΄Maskarata΄ organised a special campaign - ΄A Gift of Love΄.

10 Dec 2019 / 08:01
΄A Gift with Love΄ for the Orphanage from Corfu Maskarata

CORFU. Corfu Maskarata is organising a campaign ΄A Gift with Love΄ for the children at the Orphanage!

30 Jan 2019 / 10:59
Corfu Mayor: The truth and the lies about the Orphanage

CORFU. Following recent social media posts about Corfu Orphanage, the Chairman of the Board and Corfu Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos issued the following statement:

23 Dec 2018 / 12:42
Corfu Orphanage: Christmas celebration full of love and joy!

CORFU. Lots of gifts and love on Sunday for the children at Corfu Orphanage.

23 Dec 2018 / 00:00
Corfu Orphanage Christmas celebration

CORFU. Corfu Orphanage is organizing a Christmas celebration.