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14 Dec 2023 / 14:51
΄Old΄ Philharmonic Society symphony orchestra concert at Municipal Theatre

CORFU. Saturday 16 December at 20:00.

04 Aug 2023 / 12:03
Greek Youth Symphony Orchestra to perform at Old Fortress

CORFU. The orchestra will be performing at the Old Fortress on Tuesday 8 August.

06 Jul 2023 / 11:36
Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra & Natassa Bofiliou concert

CORFU. As part of the celebrations for Enimerosi newspaper΄s 40th anniversary - Tickets available until Sunday 16 July.

28 Mar 2023 / 22:15
"The Sound of Music" by Corfu Music School and Corfu Philharmonic Society Symphony Orchestra

CORFU. Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 March, 10:00-11:00 & 11:30-12:30.

13 Mar 2023 / 10:30
Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra concert

CORFU. The concert will take place at the Church of St. George on 1 April.

01 Nov 2022 / 20:54
Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra in Serbia

CORFU. Soloists in the concerts will be Rosa Poulimenou, Maria Mavromati, Anastasia Fissa, Evaggelia Karyiofili, Spyros Soueref, Akis Kalmoukis, while the ΄Michalis Capodistrias΄ Mixed Choir and ΄Covertura΄ will also take part.

15 Sep 2022 / 19:35
Maria Callas Tribute Gala at Municipal Theatre instead of Old Fortress

CORFU. Change in the event΄s location - Maria Callas Tribute Gala with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra.

26 May 2022 / 12:34
Corfu Chamber Orchestra concert at Ionian Academy

CORFU. ΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society to provide musical support.

13 Oct 2021 / 11:51
΄Mantzaros΄ Youth Orchestra concert on Saturday 16 October

CORFU. 20:00 on Saturday 16 October at the Municipal Theatre.

24 Apr 2019 / 00:00
Thessaloniki New Symphony Orchestra - Ecclesiastical Concert at the Municipal Theatre

CORFU. Thessaloniki New Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the Municipal Theatre on Wednesday 24 April.

16 Jul 2018 / 00:00
Concert with the Old Philharmonic Society Symphony Orchestra at Capodistrias Museum

CORFU. The Society΄s Symphony Orchestra will be putting on its first concert at the completely renovated Capodistrias Museum (Koukouritsa, Evropoulos) on Monday 16th July at 21:00.

05 Apr 2018 / 09:09
The performance by ΄San Giacomo΄ Municipal Choir and Thessalonik State Orchestra mesmerized even their strongest critics

CORFU. The 26-year tradition continued in the best possible way for the annual Holy Wednesday concert by the San Giacomo Municipal Choir and Thessaloniki State Orchestra.

14 Mar 2018 / 17:44
Corfu conductor a rising star

ATHENS. The up-and-coming, award-winning 34-year-old Corfu conductor, Giorgos Balatsinos, distinguished himself at one of the most important international conducting competitions with works from 20th and 21st century composers at Concorso Internazionale Giancarlo Facchinetti in Italy.