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28 Dec 2023 / 15:32
British Cemetery and Asani building transferred to Central Corfu Municipality

CORFU. "The two properties can be utilised for the benefit of the Municipality and its residents," stated the outgoing Mayor Meropi Ydraiou.

29 Mar 2023 / 19:58
Project to repair Corfu EKAB building put out to tender at last

CORFU. The works concern exclusively the repair of damage to protect the building and the employees.

11 Mar 2023 / 00:25
No pre-earthquake inspections have been carried out to date in Central Corfu schools

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou requested the assistance of the Corfu Technical Chamber until the Municipality΄s proposal is included in the ΄Antonis Tritsis΄ programme - The legal framework for the cooperation is being sought.

15 Feb 2023 / 12:13
Maintenance of Central Corfu Municipal village buildings

CORFU. The community offices in Gardelades and Doukades have been renovated - Work is being done in Sgourades, Zygos and Afra.

08 Dec 2022 / 21:37
Contract signed to repair Corfu EKAB΄s building

CORFU. The EKAB President assured that the supply of 18 ambulances will be put out to tender by the end of the year.

02 Dec 2022 / 12:09
Dassia residents demanding that road outside building site be cleared of mud and earth

CORFU. Whenever it rains the road is filled with mud from the building site.

23 Nov 2022 / 21:51
Hearing of application for annulment of building permits in Erimitis postponed

CORFU. The discussion was to take place today in the Fifth Chamber of the Council of State.

24 Oct 2022 / 22:11
Concern about accommodation of pre-school pupils

CORFU. A Greek Primary Teachers΄ Federation team came in Corfu to discuss the issue of school buildings and organise the strike to be held on 9 November.

21 Sep 2022 / 20:58
Psychiatric Department Employees Union: Hospital assets to be rented to private individuals

CORFU. Instead of repairing and relocating the services of the hospital, it is chosen to be given to private individuals to use them.

01 Sep 2022 / 22:44
Works on Yiallinas Art Gallery building halted

CORFU. Works on the Yiallinas building have been halted for two months. The contractor has requested an extension of the deadline.

10 Aug 2022 / 11:30
North Corfu: New school building works

CORFU. Work to be done at the following primary and secondary schools: Kavadades Nursery, Nissaki Nursery, Agros Primary, Kassiopi Primary, Peroulades Junior High, Agros Junior High & High, Karousades Junior High and Kassiopi Junior High & High.

09 Jun 2022 / 21:19
Building work and installation of equipment at Othoni Port

CORFU. Present at the visit were also the Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou, the Othoni Deputy Mayor Dimitris Katehis and the Corfu Port Authority managing director Spyros Zervopoulos.

31 Mar 2022 / 20:16
Restoration of Mon Repos buildings moving forward

CORFU. The project started in 2019 by the previous Municipal Authority.

02 Mar 2022 / 20:58
Asani building ready to collapse and extremely dangerous – A possible solution

CORFU. What the civil engineer Gerasimos Mourmouris told Enimerosi.

09 Feb 2022 / 11:06
Deputy Mayor for Technical Works visits Asani building with contractor

CORFU. All the indications are that the building is on its "last legs" and has been for several years now.

03 Jan 2022 / 17:39
Ionian University Music Department’s new building in ‘Pallada’

CORFU. The project is set to be completed in two years from the signing of the contract.

09 Nov 2021 / 21:54
South Corfu Laiki Syspirosi party issues statement regarding terrible condition of school buildings

CORFU. The South Corfu Municipality school buildings are in poor condition, with a few exceptions.

05 Feb 2021 / 16:00
Building repair work in Scholemvourgou and Agiou Nikolaou in Corfu Town

CORFU. Repair work began on Thursday 4 February to ensure safety in public areas adjoining dangerous buildings in the Old Town.